Privacy Glass for Bedroom Partitions

Nov 15, 2013  |  No Comment

SGG Priva-Lite – For that personal space


 Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


It’s time to get the excitement back into the bedroom; it’s time to switch to privacy glass and make that personal space more private than ever before…


Call it the Switchable Intelligent Glass or simply Privacy Glass, Saint-Gobain’s Priva-Lite offers unparalleled privacy in just the flick of a switch. By providing the option to choose between transparent and translucent modes, Priva-Lite thus proves to be the perfect choice for use as a bedroom glass partition.


So how exactly does this smart, privacy glass work?


SGG Priva-Lite is a laminated, switchable glass that consists of two panes of glass (clear or tinted) and a liquid crystal interlayer film. It has a unique technology that allows it to be switched from an ordinary-looking clear glass to a whitish translucent glass, ensuring optimal vision control. When the glass is switched off from its special power supply (transformers are provided), the liquid crystals are randomly scattered, preventing both sides from seeing through the glass. By switching the glass on, the crystals line up and reorient themselves, thus making Priva-Lite completely transparent.


As a privacy glass for partitions in bedrooms, SGG Priva-Lite comes with several advantages. It has a very low power consumption (5w/m2), can be curved, silk-screen printed or sand-blasted and transmits the same quantity of light (approximately 77%) in both opaque and transparent modes. Tested as per CE & URL standards, SGG Priva-Lite has a five year guarantee.


 Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


And that’s not all. Use this privacy glass instead of a wall, do away with claustrophobia and make the interiors more spacious. Turn on some special effects by alternating between the transparent & translucent states and make the private zone more personal than ever with Priva-Lite…