Glass for Corporate Interiors

Jun 19, 2015  |  No Comment

SGG Planilaque Evolution at Ericsson, Delhi


 Interior Glass - Wall Panelling

Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


The use of interior glass can transcend the traditional and usher in new trends to transform the corporate interior landscape. While glass is indispensable and it is impossible to steer clear from its typical applications, what can add more interesting dimensions is the new-age uses that glass has now come to have. With Saint-Gobain’s range of coloured and lacquered glass – Planilaque Evolution – designing for corporate interiors will now bring more cheer, and of course, colour to the workplace.


The Ericsson office at New Delhi has endorsed SGG Planilaque’s versatility as an interior glass. Acclaimed architectural and interior design firm, Via Design, has ensured that the 7000 Sq.ft office stood out with the innovative use of  SGG Planilaque Evolution. SGG Planilaque’s USP lies in the fact that it is not just a stunner in terms of looks & colours, but also brings tremendous value-addition because of its intelligent applications.


As an interior glass, Planilaque Evolution was used in the wall paneling and also as writing boards. From the palette of 15 contemporary colours, Aqua Blue, Extra White and Flame Red were chosen. The interplay of soothing colours on one side and the vibrant, bold on the other, truly makes for a statement in modern day interior design.


A number of factors work in tandem to make SGG Planilaque the ideal interior glass. It can be easily installed and just as easily maintained. It is eco-friendly, with zero VOC and no traces of lead, arsenic, copper or formaldehyde. What’s more, it is not only resistant to humidity but scratch-resistant as well.


Interior Glass - Writing Board

Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


The increasing use of Planilaque Evolution as the first choice of interior glass is evidence of its versatility. From making an aesthetic impression to bringing out new expressions in functionality, SGG Planilaque has all that it takes to be the talk of the town.