Glass Signages

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Saint-Gobain Planilaque Evolution’s display of class!


Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


Glass Signages have certainly come to be a sign of changing times.


More than just a tool for information giving, signboards are catching eyeballs, grabbing attention and garnering the much-needed footfall and maybe even sales, for the advertiser. And when it comes to emerging trends in digital signage, glass is right up there!


Saint-Gobain’s Planilaque Evolution is a coloured & lacquered glass that is ideally suited for signage design. It can be creatively used with backlighting for office reception backgrounds to give a contemporary & sophisticated appearance.


Signage Design demands a high degree of aesthetic appeal and SGG Planilaque guarantees just that. It is glossy, glamorous and a great way to add a touch of creativity to signboards. A coloured glass, it comes in an extensive range of 15 shades. Choosing a combination of these colours can significantly enhance the look & feel of glass Signages.


Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


Planilaque Evolution glass from Saint-Gobain is easy to install and is packed with a multitude of functional benefits. Digital displays are exposed to the external atmosphere and hence need to be cleaned frequently. Planilaque’s smooth surface makes it not just easy to clean but also scratch-resistant. Also, despite the atmospheric conditions, it remains free from moisture and humidity. What’s more, the lacquer applied on one side of the glass makes sure that the signage is well-protected from damages.


SGG Planilaque is also a reflection of Saint-Gobain’s environmentally sustainable endeavors. A hygienic and eco-friendly glass, it carries very marginal quantities of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic besides being lead-free. This ensures a healthy ambience wherever the glass is used as a digital signage.


Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


Planilaque Evolution from Saint-Gobain is a class of glass whose versatility comes through in diverse applications. Be it a simple signboard or a complex digital signage, it can create a complete transformation, making it yet another display of class from this versatile glass!