Coloured Glass for Interiors

Jul 05, 2014  |  No Comment

SGG Planilaque Evolution for SP Infocity, Gurgaon



Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


The SP Infocity brand of architecture has come to reflect an amalgamation of top-notch construction quality along with an astute sense of design.


Its facility in Gurgaon has tastefully used coloured glass for interiors, creating a classy and contemporary appearance. Along with aesthetic grandeur, the architectural design factored in space flexibility, employee comfort, operational cost savings, and overall environmental efficiency.


Saint-Gobain’s coloured glass for interiors –  SGG Planilaque Evolution – was used extensively in the interior design. Right from the reception, where Planilaque Solar Yellow vibrantly greets visitors, the play of glass and colour is evident throughout the interior spaces. Once inside, the warmth of Planilaque Fusion Orange emanates from the panels to create a serene ambience.


The reason why SGG Planilaque was the preferred choice as the coloured glass for interiors was clear. For an office space, there is the need for a glass that scores on both form and function. Planilaque Evolution comes in a palette of 15 diverse shades, offering the opportunity to mix and match the colours with those of the existing interiors. It can be used across a variety of applications in the office, from panels to pillars to even as a writing board – which is what makes SGG Planilaque aesthetic and functional.


As a coloured glass for interiors, Planilaque Evolution has a range of other benefits as well. It is easy to install, clean and maintain. Being moisture-proof and scratch-resistant, it is hygienic to use and can withstand the rigours that come from use in an office.



Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


In the age of eco-friendliness, SGG Planilaque adheres to stringent standards that make it a sustainable material. The negligible amounts of VOC, and the complete lack of copper, formaldehyde arsenic, and lead, are an endorsement of Planilaque being an environmentally friendly coloured glass for interiors.


Amidst the office spaces of SP Infocity, Gurgaon, Planilaque Evolution is making a quiet style statement. It is a testimonial of how coloured glass for interiors can take architectural design to new heights.