Banking on Glass

Aug 01, 2016  |  No Comment

Saint-Gobain Inspire at DCB Bank, Hyderabad




Located in the posh Banjara Hills of Hyderabad, DCB Bank makes for a refreshing representation of a modern banking partner. Eons away from the drab monotony of a typical bank’s interiors, DCB Bank has attempted to create a warm and welcoming ambience. Experimenting with uses other than what glass in banks is traditionally known for, the Bank has built an upmarket image for itself.


In its endeavour to embrace the technological innovations in glass, DCB Bank found the perfect ally in Saint-Gobain Glass. With its recent array of innovative products, Saint-Gobain has ensured that the use of glass in banks will never be the same again.


The lobby of the DCB Bank was done up in glass  to magnify the effect of space in that area. Planilaque Evolution, a coloured and lacquered glass from Saint-Gobain was used for the glass lobby. To maintain the look of formal elegance that glass in banks have, the Extra White shade was chosen.




SGG Planilaque Evolution is a delight for every architect and so it was for the interior decorators of DCB Bank. The firm made sure that the use of Planilaque was maximized in whatever way possible to create synergy between form and function. Besides the lobby, they used Planilaque Evolution to double up as writing boards. Replacing the white board, Planilaque was put up from ceiling to floor, creating a rather new use of glass in banks. A total of 120 sqm of glass was used for the lobby and writing boards.


To install SGG Planilaque, the interior contrators once again went in for another innovative product from the Saint-Gobain stable – SGG Planifix. It is a brand of adhesive solutions that is available in Silicone and Double-side tape formats, the latter having been used at the DCB Bank. SGG Plainifix is ideal for installing glass on walls  as it requires no drilling, fasteners or messy adhesives. This glass mounting application is also UV-resistant and does not sag/discolour over time.


A scratch-proof, moisture-resistant and eco-friendly glass (it is lead-free, does not contain arsenic, formaldehyde or copper and traces of VoC are only marginal), SGG Planilaque Evolution meets all the essential criteria demanded from a glass of its calibre. Together, with SGG Planifix, it has helped create the kind of transformation that one would hardly expect from glass in banks!