Coloured Glass for Table Tops

Posted by:   |  Aug 28, 2014

SGG Planilaque Evolution – A top class glass


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Sometimes, it is ok to go over the top. Especially if you are looking to make a cool statement. Like going in for coloured glass for table tops. 


Lobbying for coloured glass in lobbies!

Posted by:   |  Aug 18, 2014

SGG Planilaque Evolution at TRIL’s Ramanujan IT City, Chennai


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The Ramanujan IT City is a tribute of sorts by Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited (TRIL) to the mathematical genius of Ramanujan.



Glass for Interior Design

Posted by:   |  Jul 12, 2014

Introducing Planisafe – where sophistication meets safety



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The constantly innovating world of interior design is witness to new products getting churned out everyday. (more…)

Coloured Glass for Interiors

Posted by:   |  Jul 05, 2014

SGG Planilaque Evolution for SP Infocity, Gurgaon



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The SP Infocity brand of architecture has come to reflect an amalgamation of top-notch construction quality along with an astute sense of design. (more…)

Glass Partitions in Gyms

Posted by:   |  Jun 16, 2014

SGG Decor Glass – Enhancing Interior Design 


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What does delicate glass have to do in the rough & tough terrain of the gymnasium…What seemingly looks like an unlikely match, is actually evidence of the multi-faceted roles that glass is increasingly playing across various spaces. (more…)

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