Planisafe for Office Partitions

Posted by:   |  Apr 16, 2014

A brand-new way of looking at glass



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Discover. Innovation, creativity and functionality, all rolled into one.


Planilaque Evolution excels at XL Services

Posted by:   |  Feb 28, 2014

Coloured Glass for the Workspace


It is a glass that has proven its versatility time and again. From homes to hospitals, whether as a lacquered glass for malls or as a coloured glass for the work space, it has been shining bright.


Planilaque Evolution, from Saint-Gobain.



View project pictures of XL Services here.


Glass Wall Panelling for Offices

Posted by:   |  Feb 25, 2014

Adding a Touch of Colour & Class


Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


It’s time to give the office interior design, a glassy and classy makeover. Move over monotonous monochromes and bring on the colour! (more…)

Introducing style with safety

Posted by:   |  Dec 09, 2013

SGG Planisafe – Coloured and Lacquered, Laminated Glass


Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


 It is one of those rare combinations – delicate, yet durable; subtle, yet sturdy and simple, but sophisticated. (more…)

Privacy Glass for Bedroom Partitions

Posted by:   |  Nov 15, 2013

SGG Priva-Lite – For that personal space


 Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream


It’s time to get the excitement back into the bedroom; it’s time to switch to privacy glass and make that personal space more private than ever before… (more…)

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