Class & Glass at the Office

Posted by:   |  Sep 21, 2016

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Dell, Noida


glass in corporate office


Inside Dell at Noida, you will be forgiven for forgetting you have just entered a corporate office. The staid, drab, corporate look is a thing of the past. Get ready to welcome yourself into a space that is sure to take you by surprise. Yes, the unmistakable stamp of innovative glass in the corporate office is paving the way for glitzy interiors as offices ready themselves to be completely overhauled. (more…)

Glass at the Cinemas

Posted by:   |  Sep 12, 2016

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad





The next time you catch up on a movie, make sure to look out for the glass at the cinemas. At Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad, in particular. With the new-age theatre ambience being overhauled like never before, interior design ideas have found a new space to flourish in.  The interior designers took the glass route and turned over conventional definitions to contemporary design. (more…)

Glass in the Public Space

Posted by:   |  Sep 02, 2016

Saint-Gobain Inspire at SLN Terminus, Hyderabad





At the heart of Hyderabad’s fastest growing business corridor, Gachibowli, is the SLN Terminus. A mixed use facility that encompasses retail, residential, business and dining spaces, it is a confluence that represents the new face of India’s most recently born state, Telangana. From posh exteriors to plush interiors, the spotlight once again finds itself on glass in the public space. Saint-Gobain’s Planilaque Evolution, the coloured and lacquered glass has been used extensively in a myriad of colours to up the glamour ante at the SLN Terminus. (more…)

Glass for Car Showrooms

Posted by:   |  Aug 23, 2016

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Maruti NEXA Showroom, Hyderabad





Automobile dealers are making the shift from the concept of aggressive sales to extending a one-of-its-kind personalized ‘experience’ for prospective buyers. Maruti Suzuki is the latest to join the growing tribe of brands targeting niche segments, with its state-of-the-art ‘NEXA’ showrooms. Currently retailing its premium variants ‘S Cross’ and ‘Baleno’, NEXA is clearly the place where the privileged would like to be seen in. NEXA is also where showroom interiors get a brand-new definition and glass for showrooms, in particular, makes a statement like never before. (more…)

Glass for the Office Space

Posted by:   |  Aug 04, 2016

Saint-Gobain Inspire at J.P. Morgan Chase, Hyderabad




These are exciting times for interior designers working with glass for the office space. And why not? Glass has always added glitz and glamour to architecture, but its innovative new uses are definitely a revelation. This is precisely what the interior designer and contractors discovered and delivered at the J.P.Morgan Chase office at Hitech City, Hyderabad with Planilaque Evolution from Saint-Gobain Glass. (more…)